Exit 82 Improvement Project

Exit 82 phases pixelsThe City of Weatherford, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration are partnering to improve Interstate 40 at Exit 82.

The improvements will be completed in three Phases:

Phase 1 (in blue) is complete and includes the addition of an eastbound exit from Interstate 40 just west of the Washington Avenue and Eagle Road intersection. This project also includes the expansion of the Washington Avenue bridge to four lanes, with additional sidewalks added north and south of the bridge. This project is an estimated $5.5 million improvement.

Phase 2 (in red) is currently in the final planning stages and will add a new exit for westbound traffic to enter the Main Street and Washington Avenue intersection, and will also add a new entrance for eastbound traffic to Interstate 40. This is an estimated $3.5 million improvement project. Construction is expected to begin May 1, 2017.


Phase 3 (not shown) of the project is currently in early planning stages, and will improve access to the south side Interstate 40 service road from Exit 82.

The Oklahoma Department of Commerce is also currently conducting a project to resurface Interstate 40 approximately the length of the City of Weatherford. This project, along with Phase 1 is an approximately $16 million improvement.

Phase Two

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